There is only so much description that can be given by the phrase ‘powerful’. To avoid Dragon Ball Z descriptions, Eramore has a rank system. Comparing things back to its more civilized age, the ranks are based on the relative power of nobility of past ages. This will help set the understanding of a being’s power when you meet them.

Mooks – Absolute nobodies, generic, have default abilities for their group/location. Basically cannon fodder. Redlegs Harvesters and Redlegs Stalkers are examples of mooks.

Elite Mooks – Mooks with slight uniqueness and a bit more developed power. Usually a notable threat compared to other mooks. Redlegs Denguards and the Players are considered Elite Mooks.

Knights – Usually put in charge of lesser groups of rabble, Knights usually have a name or a unique moniker of their default group, are usually better equipped, and usually have a unique power or two. It is at this point, if Eramore was a story, that you would be a minor character and might have a name. The arena experiment, the Redlegs Matriarch and most of the Three Brothers Officers are considered knights.

Barons – The point where, in the old world, you enter nobility. Barons likely control sizable tracts of land, a significantly important area, or perform an important task. They likely are well equipped, possess unique powers, and may even have a unique item or two. Fighting a Baron can be expected to last 1-2 full sessions on average. Their deaths significantly impact any faction they are working for, and likely have resources and contingency plans to survive, as well as more resources for vengeance if they escape. The Redlegs War Leaders, The Laughing Man, and Tim Tim would all be Baron ranked enemies.

Counts – In the story of Eramore, you are at least a reoccurring character. People leading small to mid sized factions, city sized tracks of land, or small labs. Counts likely have every magical item slot filled, possess 2-4 unique powers, and have 2-3 unique items, including at least one completely customized item. They likely have a notable name and title, and have acquired a large amount of fame, with stories of their accomplishments moving through the public. Anyone of the Count rank can normally be at least recognized on sight. A fight against a count should last 2-4 full sessions. The Three Brothers are Counts. Lower level professors would also be considered counts.

Dukes – In the story of Eramore, you are a side character. Not a main cast, but a frequent minor character. People leading mid to large sized factions, as well as their top members, people who own cities or large companies, or mid-large labs. Counts would likely possess a number of unique items, with at least half their slots filled, a handful of unique powers, 2-3 custom items, and their names can easily be known by people of other factions. They have countless accomplishments. A fight with a duke should last 2-5 sessions. The Mechanist is a Duke, as would be most professors.

Kings – The main supporting characters of the story of Eramore. Possessing either vast resources, countless underlings and servants, fortresses, or, at bare minimum, a host of unique and potent powers, Kings are the most powerful non-epic enemies you will face. Can easily control multiple fortresses or small cities. Their wealth is near hoard-like, they possess a multitude of magical items, and their deaths ripple through the world. Fights with Kings should be expected to last 3-6 sessions, and fighting to reach them may take several sessions themselves. The heads of noble houses, lower level doctors, and higher level professors would be counted as Kings. Despite their title, the Auran Kings are ranked higher than Kings.

Divines – The first rank of epic level entities, most reach this through appeal and servitude to a god who helps elevate them, or by beginning ascension themselves. Some of the most powerful spirits would also be of this rank, and a very few reach this level of power with no divine or spiritual affiliations. Rhodes and Zaridathi, as well as all of the Auran Kings (Except the Herald) are divines.

Heralds – A level below God, the Heralds are the right hands of their gods; the ones they send to act when they are unable or unwilling to act themselves. You have not met a herald.

Gods – The beings who hold the highest level of power in Eramore. While most are literally referred to as gods, there are rare creatures that have similar levels of raw power or skill, but lack the following of the actual gods. You have not met a god.


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