Character Pool

In Eramore, for a variety of reasons, dead is most often dead. Since resurrection is impossible at best and OH GOD WHY DID WE TAMPER WITH IT!? at worst, the loss of allies is taken very seriously. However, not every mission is combat, or requires upfront combat as a solution. While it is good to always be able to at least defend yourself, it is perfectly viable to have a character who is entirely focused in non-combat roles.

Instead of having new characters just walk in, and having to have all characters be powerful combat builds, the players have a Character Pool. Twelve blank, nameless, faceless PCs that can be whatever the group wants. Each player must make at least one character that is ‘theirs’, and by default gets one extra character they can design. At the discretion of the party, instead of using these remaining characters individually, you may leave them as blank back ups for deaths, design them as support characters for the party, or even make them, but share them amongst various people. Need a group of stealthy people? Pick the best stealth people from all twelve! Need more muscle? Pick the best combatants. Going to a fancy ball? Leave the barbarian at home. They will judge, and his dancing by stomping his feet and screaming “LA LA LA” is not cute.

The group is considered wiped if the Character Pool is ever equal to half the number of players. At that point, the group is too damaged to manage to successfully recover to where they were. But does that mean you are stuck with only twelve lives for an entire campaign?

No. In Major cities, during down time, your more charismatic players my sing praises of the group, using Perform (Sing), Perform (Oratory), or Diplomacy to attempt to convince people to join the group! The difficulty of recruiting depends on the type of ally you are attempting to recruit, any standing alliances you have, your group’s fame and how you earned it, and where you are attempting to look. The higher the check, the higher the starting level and abilities of your new ally!

As you might imagine, right after a rousing victory is the best time to attempt to recruit new people. For the first month after gaining fame from a successful quest, Recruitment checks only take a week! Even if you have enough allies for the moment, keeping your eye open for talent never hurts. Extremely high recruitment checks have a chance to bring in exotic ally options, and even recruitable NPCs. After all, if you do not want a particular ally, you could always just turn them down and look for better options at no cost but time.

Character Pool

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