Character Creation

It is strongly recommended to run your build by the DM before committing to anything. As a general rule, anything that is entirely physical or martial will be allowed. Avoid magical abilities. Starting level is 3.

1. This is a 30 point buy campaign. Please be sure to check out the page on the new seventh stat Luck.

2. This game is Human only. At least at the start. Other Races can be unlocked as the game goes. There are human variants available to start with.

3. Martial Classes only. Certain abilities from each class have been replaced or forbidden, so be sure to read up on the class.

4. Some Skills have changed, been removed, become class skills, or gained additional abilities. To better understand what you are getting, you should examine the skill page.

5. Choose your Feats. There are some unique Eramore feats.

6. Choose your Traits. You get two.

7. Determine final statistics, including:

Starting HP: For Hit Die only, Max for first 6 levels, 75% for next 6 levels, 50% for next 6 levels, and finally, 25% for last 6 levels. 25+, you do not even add Con score.

Savings throws, Initiative, Attacks, etc.

We use Hero Points in this campaign. Anti-Hero is not an option; Instead it becomes the Fateless career.

8. Pick your Career.

Character Creation

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